Private dog training

Dog training is a fun experience for both dogs and owners. We use positive reinforcement without using any force.

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Group dog training

In this training also we use positive reinforcement method. We design our training programs based on the science of how dogs learn.

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Kindergarten course

This course is for puppies with ages 7 to 16 weeks. At this stage, they are at a complex stage of development.

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Course on basic manners

We teach these skills so that you and your dog can live happily together. The class focuses on positive reinforcement.

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Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. Getting a dog can be exciting, but at the same time, it is a very difficult task to take care of your dog, especially during the initial few days. We started our business in 2002 with the aim to help dog owners get the most out of their dogs. The first few days after buying a dog can be very challenging. It’s hard to handle a dog if you own a dog for the first time. Though there are many online resources and books available now, it is always wise to get a professional training for your dog. We help dogs to learn good manners so that they can adapt to your life and the society.

We use tools and techniques to ensure that your dog follows directions and listens to your commands.
We offer support throughout the training program.
We offer to follow ups even after the completion of the training program.
We are experts in this field so that you can trust us.

We only hire knowledgeable and experienced trainers. We give importance to continuous learning, so our trainers also go through regular training to stay up to date with the new training techniques and tools. We provide behavioral training and also solve any problem behavioral your dog may have.

Join our training courses today and get unlimited support on dog training. We even offer specialized programs depending on the needs of the client. You can call us for a free evaluation and set up your customized program.