3 important commands you must teach your dog

Dog obedience training is necessary for dogs. It can be helpful in solving behavioral problems. You can teach these skills yourself and have a good time with your dog. Here are the important commands you should teach your dog.


It is the easiest obedience command to teach a dog. All you need to do is hold a treat close to your dog’s nose. Then you should move your hand up and allow the dog’s head to follow the treat so that he gets into a sitting position. Command ‘sit’ and then give him the treat. Repeat these a few times every day until the dog learns it.


By using this command you can bring the dog back to you, I case you lose grip on the leash. You should put a leash and collar on the dog. Say ‘come’ after getting down to his level and pull the leash gently. When the dog comes to you, reward him with a treat.


It is a difficult command to teach. You should keep the training positive and relaxed. You should find a good smelling treat. Hold the treat on your closed fit and move your hand towards the dog. When the dog sniffs your hand, move your hand to the floor till he follows your hand. Slide your hand on the ground in front of him so that he follows you. When he is in the down position, say ‘Down’ and give him the treat.

These are important skills that the dog should learn. You should repeat the techniques before the dog becomes a master in these. These commands can help your dog to be well behaved and safe.