We want to give the best dog training service to your dog. For this, we first offer a free evaluation in your home to know the behaviors of your dog. Dogs don’t respond to the same training method. We meet dogs in their natural environment so that we can determine what kind of training we will give your dog.

Private dog training

Dog training is a fun experience for both dogs and owners. We use positive reinforcement without using any force. We incorporate training in your everyday life and try to improve communication between you and your dog to build up a long lasting relationship. We have experienced trainers and veterinarians who offer dog training programs that are tailored to your needs. We offer solutions to behavioral issues such as aggression, fear of strangers, house training, leash pulling, etc.

Group dog training

In this training also we use positive reinforcement method. We design our training programs based on the science of how dogs learn. Our techniques will give the owner and the dog to enjoy a long term satisfying relationship.

Kindergarten course

This course is for puppies with ages 7 to 16 weeks. At this stage, they are at a complex stage of development. It is the right time to shape their personality. We will teach them basic control behavior. Puppies will develop socialization skills.

Course on basic manners

We teach these skills so that you and your dog can live happily together. The class focuses on positive reinforcement. Training includes ‘sit and stay,’ ‘down,’ ‘go to bed,’ ‘jumping problems,’ ‘leash walking,’ etc. The dog will learn to behave within the community and show good manner at home.

These training programs will help your dog to become well mannered. They will learn to communicate and show good behavior after the training.