Top 4 challenges faced by new dog owners

Dogs are cute and helpful. But they bring in lots of issues that need lots of patience. It is a huge duty to own a dog or puppy. Here are the major challenges faced by new dog owners.

Basic training and socialization

Teaching the basic commands like sit, lie down, stay, etc. is challenging. Teaching them how to interact with other dogs is also challenging. You should teach them not to get into any fights with other dogs. You can get enrolled in a dog socialization class. This way your dog will get the chance to socialize with other dogs.


Puppies need vaccinations when they are aged between 6 to 8 weeks. Then they need booster shots until they are 16 weeks old. These immunizations help to cover diseases such as parvovirus, rabies, and distemper.

Potty training

This is essential and challenging. You should teach your dog housebreaking and also offer create training so that when people are busy in the house, the dog can find a quiet place to go.

Chewing and teething and destructions

The dog owner must survive the periods of destructions at this stage. So, keeping your furniture and other household items in good condition is a challenge. You will need lots of patience.

A new dog or puppy owners should be prepared to face these challenges. They should give the dog lots of exercises and teach them manners. They must be patient all the time and keep trying.